Lab Desk Resurrection

Lab Desk Resurrection

We recently got a hold of a pair of school  lab desks that had some really neat swing stools. If I would say they were in rough shape, I would be giving them some credit. Fortunately for us, Mike, our resident restorer-in-training wanted to take a shot at bringing these back to life.


Covered in layers of paint

The desks were covered in multiple layers of paint and capped off with old tongue-and-groove flooring that was being used for a top. Time for stripping!

I think this is about the time where Mike began to second guess his decision to take these on. Stripping is some dirty and lousy work, but after a couple of days, most of the paint had been removed.

A fair bit of sanding had the desk finally taken down to bare wood.

After color matching stain to the original finish color, we're starting to look like something. Our spray stain system makes getting into all of the nooks and crannies a breeze.

Getting close! All of the hardware and drawers have been stained to match. All that's left is to build a new top (but that is a post for another day)

All finished! We chose maple for the top, and it came out great! After about a week of work, this lab desk is looking good as new!

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